Homemade “Little Sheep” Chinese Hot Pot

11130323_10153230796032744_4284099232914675163_oOne of my all time favorite Chinese hot pot restaurants is called Little Sheep. They have locations all over the world to feed their hungry following.  If you can’t visit one of their restaurant locations have no fear! They sell their broth online so anyone can make it at home.

Click the images below to be directed where you can find the products and ingredients online:

This is the beautiful white donabe pot I used for this recipe! I love this one, it’s one of my favorites to use for hot pots and it also comes with a steaming plate that’s not pictured 🙂

If you live near a Ranch 99 you’ll be able to find this in store, otherwise visit the link to find it on Amazon. They have 2 flavors but I like the green packaged one best which is more herbal and light. The orange packet has a lot more punch with cumin spices if you want to try that 🙂

11052501_10153230799187744_3294770273498014632_oThe seasoning package isn’t too fussy. Grab your favorite large pot to broil water in and add the contents of the package to the water. I chopped some extra green onions to add in for extra flavor.

Seafood, thinly sliced rib-eye, and your favorite variety of mushrooms work great for this. I haven’t met a mushroom that hasn’t worked for this hot pot so you’ll never go wrong. I usually don’t eat Chinese hot pot with rice instead I use my favorite dipping sauce called Shacha, Taiwanese BBQ Sauce

It’s nothing like traditional American BBQ sauce despite how it’s name sounds. It’s actually more like a roasted shrimp paste that is oh so savory and amazing to dip hot pot contents into for an extra punch of flavor. If you place a spoonful of this in a bowl, a small drizzle of black vinegar, chopped cilantro leaves, some diced ginger, and a few drops of sesame oil, anything you dip into this will taste like heaven.


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11 thoughts on “Homemade “Little Sheep” Chinese Hot Pot

  1. You have a terrific eye for food presentation.. The photos are mouthwatering 👌
    This recipe is one I’d like to try and the bbq sauce is loaded with ingredients I usually have on hand 😊

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