Qin West – Chinatown

Guilin SoupChinatown in Los Angeles has a gold nugget of a little restaurant called Qin West which specializes in Guilin style food from China. The best way I can describe it as a mix of spicy and sour in the best way possible that’s incredibly savory and delicious. This restaurant has some fantastic Guilin soups were they use a snail broth that is so incredibly delicious.

The image above is called Guilin Soup. The lily flowers, slices of beef shank, and peanuts make for a incredible mix of flavor and texture.

12036516_10153641150717744_7714770703403945953_nThis is their Liuzhou Soup which is my go to favorite at this place. They use a mix of bone broth and river snails to create a supremely deep flavored broth that is also incredibly refreshing to eat. The pickled lily flowers and tofu skin give it a touch of sour which reminds me of a combo of hot and sour soup with tom yum. Whenever I’m not feeling well I always get this soup.

Wonton Spicy SoupMy friend and I ordered a side of spicy wontons without knowing it came in a soup form. It was indeed very tasty and  I would recommend if you are looking for a nice wonton soup but it’s a bit much for an appetizer like we were hoping.


Guilin Soup and Liang Pi NoodlesHere’s the Guilin Soup again and above it is their other signature dish Liang Pi noodles. They’re made fresh in-house you can’t beat it. They have a spicy sauce over it with chopped peanuts. If you take bits of the noodle with some of the sliced cucumber it’s super flavorful with a perfect soft noodle texture and cucumber crunch.

Qin West
727 N Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(Located on the first floor of the plaza in Ste 11. It’s quite small but look for their white sign and you won’t miss it)

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